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מערכת ישיבה

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אודות מערכת

SHELLהינה מערכת ישיבה אנטומית קלה, ניידת, התומכת בגב ובאגן, ממקסמת את הנוחות ומעודדת פעילויות יומיומיות. העיצוב הייחודי שלנו מבטיח תמיכה מירבית בישיבה על הכיסא או על הרצפה

מערכת רב תכליתית

מערכת הישיבה BASIC תוכננה במיוחד לילדים ולמבוגרים עם שליטת גב קלה עד בינונית. לאחר מחקר ושיתוף פעולה עם מומחים קליניים, יצרנו פיתרון ייחודי המשפר את איכות החיים.
יחד עם צוות קליני אנו יוצרים את ההתאמה הטובה ביותר לגוף ואת תנוחת הישיבה הנדרשת המתאימה לצרכי המשתמש. ניתן להשיג את HIPO כמוצר המדף בגדלים סטנדרטיים או ליצור מערכת בהתאמה אישית מלאה.


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  • How does the custom design of Testa can benefit infants' mental and cognitive development?
    Testa's custom seat designs can provide proper support and alignment for an infant's developing body according to professional evaluation. This encourages good posture and movement patterns from an early age, which can benefit their comfort, mobility, and participation in daily activities. The seats are designed to enable infants to explore and interact with their environment during key stages of early development.
  • How are Testa's sized products better than other sized products on the market?
    Testa's sized products stand out by offering optimal hip support, side support, medial thigh support, and optional headrest and footrest features. They are also lightweight, portable, and multifunctional, serving as floor activity chairs, high chairs, and more. Discover the full range of benefits on our website link.
  • What are the key considerations when choosing a Testa Seat seating system?
    When choosing a Testa Seat seating system, key considerations should revolve around the daily activities of families, the need for lightweight and portable solutions for easy transportation, as well as the importance of durability and easy maintenance. Testa Seat's materials are designed to be durable and easy to clean, ensuring long-term use and convenience.
  • What customer testimonials or success stories for Testa Seat's?
    Testa Seat has indeed accumulated many positive testimonials from users and therapists over the past 5 years. These testimonials can be viewed on our website for further insight into the experiences of individuals benefiting from our seating systems.
  • Can Testa Seat's be used in educational and work environments?
    Testa Seat's seating systems can be used in educational and work environments to provide individuals with comfort, support, and proper alignment. The unique designs of Testa Seat's products aim to increase accessibility and independence for individuals in various settings.
  • Can Testa Seat be used outdoors?
    Testa Seat's products are designed to be used outdoors, providing individuals with the flexibility to enjoy the benefits of their seating solutions in various environments. The design and functionality of Testa Seat's products aim to enhance accessibility to daily activities, including outdoor settings, allowing users to experience comfort and support while maintaining their independence and mobility.While Testa Seat's independent living products can be used outdoors, it is important to avoid leaving them outside when not in use to prevent damage from sun exposure and adverse weather conditions. Proper care and maintenance will help ensure the longevity of the products.
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